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Discussion Post #1: Sew the Seed

Jeff Daniels’ character in “The Newsroom” highlighted the United States’ ineptitude in varying aspects of education to health, whereas their strong suit was in “people in prison per capita and military funding”. The United States as a player on a world stage on diplomacy matters I believe is still a key and vital part of international partnerships whether it be alliance with NATO, or its new partnership with India, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates in I2U2. But even with that, the United States is being used as a ground for foreign companies bet into struggling industries, in this case most notably the textile industry.

It is interesting to see how in this example that Chinese companies shave allowed American manufacturing jobs to increase. However, this creates a dependence that is relied upon by other country’s business outputs. As Ni Meijuan said that factory workers in China would barely go below the productivity average that the United States was putting in with their workers. This may be due to cultural differences in terms of work expectations, and the societal pressures that are put upon by governments and other entities. Nevertheless, this is something to be wary of in the future, but the impact of this is already hitting the United States economy hard. As Dr. Sheng Lu of the University of Delaware explains in the graph below, textile jobs in the United States have faced an “8,700 job” loss from 2019-2021, and a steeper decline from the start of tracking from over 400 thousand jobs in 2005 to now only just over 210 thousand (Lu, 2022). Such a change is needed to increase American output in various jobs, but allowing foreign companies to supply that training and assistance could lead to an increase in dependency on those nations further down the line.          

In a media landscape, the American media has not been thought of on the backburner of global society. Many people will still look to news anchors to find a sense of hope and value in what a free press looks like. However, that type of leadership on the world stage is also being undermined by “infotainment” formats that are more so providing views and clicks that actual substantial information. As someone had said in class, the instance of thumbnails that will get an unflattering figure of a politician the network does not like, ultimately does not serve the purpose of the news, nor the public frankly. While the New York Times mentions China going into the world of from the textile point of view, in media I do not believe it has gotten through on a news landscape quite yet. However, with the emergence of Tik Tok from it’s original purpose as Douyin and Weibo having huge popularity internally, it remains to be seen how much their influence can really spread across the globe in that sense.


Lu, S. (2022, May 16). State of U.S. textile and apparel manufacturing: Output, employment, and trade

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